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FAQs About 2D to 3D

How does it work? just order and upload the image?

Yes, We take the 2D drawing or images as a reference and do manually 3D sculpting. 

Once we finish creating the 3D design, we show all the views for approval and after it approved from buyer, we make the files ready to 3D print and put on our machines. 

Can I sell the 3D prints?

If you have ordered from us, yes you can sell the 3D print. Full rights belongs to the customer.

Do 3D prints comes in color?

3D prints are the raw material, and that are ready to paint. After the 3D print arrives, you can paint them with model colors.

What material is it?

It comes with Resin material, which are good for toys, Statues, Arts and crafts, miniatures, figurines, and lot more. 

Can you convert any 2D drawing or Image?

Yes, we take the picture as a reference, and manually do the 3D sculpting on our designing software.

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