The wonderful journey of 2D to 3D Begins! 

Custom 3D Printing based on the 2D Drawing. 
*Order Includes custom 2D to 3D Prints only

After the order is placed, Our team will send you updates to your E-mail and will do all the required Revisions. (Before putting to 3D print, we will show you the entire 3D model from all the views)

The surface of the model will be smooth, It will come up with a plain color – (Grey/White)
Material: Resin(Ready to Paint)

Painting tips:-
For better results, please apply single plain color (White or grey) according to your preferences, and then start painting.
Benefits – It will equalize the surface and give the best surface results.

  • Process

    As each and every project has a different level of complexity,
    After the order is placed, we will send you the updates on 3D modeling.

    – 3D modeling is a technique we use to create 3D models from the 2D Drawing. (It’s a manual process our artist goes thru)

    Once the 3D modeling is done, we show you the Images of the 3D model from all the angles. If you require a revision, we are here for you. and after your approval on the 3D images, we will put them to 3D print on our Resin 3D Printers.

    – We will show you the photos of 3D print before making a shipment, and including that a Tracking number will be shared within your order

  • Product Catalog

    Photos in the display are only for the Size ideas,
    the 2D Design belongs to our buyer, and the work displayed in the portfolio is done by Zig Studio 3D and all the design rights go to the buyer who has ordered from us.


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